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BabySitter, Nanny and Mother's Help in Rosebud, Melbourne VIC


Female, 32, BabySitter, Nanny, Mother's Help
M T W T F S S Day Time
M T W T F S S After School
M T W T F S S Evening


Rosebud, Melbourne VIC
$25 to $35 per hour
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View my website for more info, nanny share options available!

With my skills, expertise and background in teaching, I am more than just a babysitting service! I am skilled in empowering children to find their voice, develop their emotional intelligence and self- awareness, as well as cultivate life skills that are essential to thrive in this life. Including relaxation breathing techniques, learning to identify and communicate what they need and build the skills of resilience, persistence and self- nurture among other things.

I am experienced with settling babies for sleep and their routines, supporting toddlers to learn how to manage their emotional storms, helping school age with their homework as well as build strategies for managing the daily stresses of school life in the 21st century.

My nanny services are for families who:

Value their time together and prioritise quality time into their life regularly.
Value self- responsibility.
Value honesty and integrity.
Value healthy eating and healthy lifestyle.
Are open to discussing things that may be affecting their child even if it is personal, so that I am able to be informed about the current situation of your children and therefore consider how to best meet their needs at that time. We work together on this.
Are open to the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and resources in order to continue to grow, learn, problem solve and expand. For example I may send you an article or video here and there that is relevant to what is currently happening for your family and your child.
Support healthy expression of emotions rather than suppress them. Even if you struggle with this, if you are at least open to this way, we would work well together. It requires having the self compassion and courage to look within. For that which lays unresolved within us, manifests in our children.
If mum and/or dad work from home and you have little children (up until the age of 4), you understand that they will want to come in and see you. And that it is not my job to keep your small child (who is still developing emotionally) away from you as this is quite damaging and does not align with my values.
Acknowledge that time outdoors, in nature, getting muddy, is important!
Minimise 'screen time'.

My nanny services are not for families who:

Are too busy to spend quality time together.
Don't address the emotional needs of their children or are not open to learning how to do so.
Are struggling with life and secretly hope that a nanny will 'fix everything'. My job is not to fix, but to complement what you are already doing and offer as well as take on suggestions.
I am also aware that nobody has all the answers and there will be things that we both struggle with- let's both be open and transparent, and work together! This means regularly checking in and discussing the goings on of family life and how we can best approach it in a way that we are both respecting our values.
Are not willing to take responsibility for things that might not be working.
I am very interested in working with people willing and committed to their personal growth and evolution. After all, it's what we are here to do ;-)

Nanny share options also available!

Warm regards,
Melissa :)




Casual, Overnight, Regular, School Holidays, Full Time

75km from Rosebud, Melbourne VIC 3939 (Driving)


Ages 0-18, Maximum number 4, Infants

Light meals, Transport kids, Outings, Toilet training, Change nappies, Tidying, Help with homework, Full meals, Cleaning



Police Check,WWC Check

Written References,Contactable Referees



$25 to $30 per hour

$28 to $35 per hour

$28 to $35 per hour

Note: Fees are negotiated according to various factors including weekday/weekend, daytime/evening, number of children, age range of children, one-off/regular booking, last minute



Degree, Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education


License, 10yrs+ experience, Driver's License, Own car, Can accept car seats






Punctuality, flexibility, reliability, ability to hold loving and safe space, consistency with children, warmth, effective communication.

Ability to be present with them, strong boundaries, loving nature, sense of fun, singing.

Children bring us into the moment which is precious. Good practice for having my own children - always learning. I love empowering children.


I am...


Healthy mostly vegan/ local or organic


Xavier Rudd

The Ringing Cedars series