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Nanny Job: Kellyville, Sydney NSW 2155


2 Children: G11, G10
M T W T F S S Day Time
M T W T F S S After School
M T W T F S S Evening
Applications Close: 21 Jun 19


Kellyville, Sydney NSW
$25 to $28 per hour
Reply Rating 10


Full Time, Checks, References, Driver's Lic., Own car



Nanny for 2 sweet girls - Secure and permanent job in Kellyville. 4 hours a day, rewarding job, you will be part of the family.

Looking for someone who loves working with kids and is looking for a safe and permanent job one hour in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
Looking for a reliable and confident nanny to take care of my 2 daughters (10 and 11 years old), before and after school every day.
My younger daughter is healthy and very affectionate; she has some developmental delays and challenges with speech.
She attends an special needs school and every day she is transported to and from school in the school bus.
My eldest daughter is in year 5 and goes to school 15 min drive from home.
I'm looking for:
1) One hour in the morning. Starting at 7am, getting the girls ready for school, breakfast, one of them is picked up from home and the other one needs to be driven to school 15 min away, or soon walk to the bus stop.
2) At 3pm pick my eldest daughter up from school, bring her back home and wait until my second daughter comes in the school bus.
3) Give them afternoon tea, help with homework, give them a bath until we come back home around 6pm.





Girl 11, Girl 10

Full Time

Transport kids, Toilet training, Change nappies



$25 to $28 per hour

Note: Fees are negotiated according to various factors including age, experience, qualifications, one-off/regular booking



Police Check,WWC Check

Contactable Referees

Driver's License, Own car



Mum (45,IT manager), Dad (41,IT professional)

Mum (Cancer), Dad (Taurus)

Mum (Catholic), Dad (None)

3 Jun 19



The Kids...

Active and chatty girl. Very sociable and friendly
- Loves role playing with Ponies and Barbies. - Loves reading and creating stories

Sweet and affectionate special needs girl
- She can't speak yet, but extremely expressive with her face. - Learning to communicate with ipad - Loves swimming and playing with water. - Loves playing with necklaces - Loves music.


The Parents...

Doing (cooking & outdoors), Eating and Drinking (pasta), Watching (food shows), Listening (Elton John), Reading (Biographies), Clicking (news)

Doing (loves trains), Eating and Drinking (BBQ), Watching (games of thrones), Listening (Rock), Reading (investment books), Clicking (news)