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Nanny Job: Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259


2 Children: B9, G2
M T W T F S S Day Time
M T W T F S S After School
M T W T F S S Evening
Applications Close: 13 Feb 20


Hamlyn Terrace NSW
$15 to $25 per hour
Reply Rating 10


Casual, Checks, References, Registered Carer, Qualifications, First Aid, Driver's Lic., Own car



Mum and dad looking for trustworthy and reliable nanny to pick 9 year old and 2.5 year old up and looking after at home on a THURSDAY.

We are two working parents who are super nervous about inviting someone we don't know to look after our kids. We have a 9 year old boy, who attends Lakes Grammar, and a 2.5 year old girl, who attends a local day care centre in Woongarrah.

On a Thursday afternoon, we would like someone pick them up from school/day care, bring them home and look after them until one of us gets home. This could be anywhere from 5:30pm-7:30pm. In most cases, we will know a week in advance what time one of us will be home, so you can organise your week also.

The kids will need to be fed (we will arrange the dinners so they just need to be heated up), showered/bathed and the 2.5 year old to be put to bed if dad is doing night shift and mum doesn't get home until 7-7:30pm. Some basic tidying would be great, but this is not essential.

You will need to be able to provide your drivers licence, CTP, have an approved toddler car seat, provide us with your working with children and police check as well as some referees that we can contact. You will need to be a non-smoker and have a car that does not smell of cigarettes.

The position will be available as soon as we can find someone we are comfortable with. Thank you for considering us!





Boy 9, Girl 2


Full meals, Transport kids, Change nappies, Tidying



$15 to $25 per hour

Note: Fees are negotiated according to various factors including age, experience, qualifications, one-off/regular booking



Police Check,WWC Check

Contactable Referees

Registered Child Care Provider,Approved Child Care Provider

Childcare Qualifications

First Aid Qualifications

Driver's License, Own car



Mum (36,Nephrology Clinic Manager), Dad (49,Youth Worker)

Mum (Aquarius), Dad (Leo)

Dad (Hindu (Bali))

20 Feb 18



The Kids...

Our son goes to Lakes Grammar. He is well-behaved, energetic and a great help.
Computer, sports, drawing, music production, drums.

Attends day care, so she is social once she gets to know you though shy at first. She is very articulate and currently toilet training. Nappy during sleeps.
Very girly-girl. Loves dancing, pink, playing babies, reading stories, helping to cook, singing.


The Parents...

Doing (Travelling, cooking), Eating and Drinking (Asian), Watching (No time), Listening (Meditations), Reading (No time), Clicking (News)

Doing (Travelling, cooking, beach), Eating and Drinking (Yes!), Watching (Crime shoes), Listening (Sometimes), Reading (Not much), Clicking (Motorbike stuff)