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Endorsements for good Koalas

Endorsements for Babysitters and the familes they work for

There are many times you will want to say "This babysitter is just fantastic!" or "This family is awesome!".

So we've added a shiny new feature - "Endorsements".

Actually, this feature is an overhaul of the “Reviews” feature that we’ve had for a while - but we’ve made it much simpler and clearer.


Like the reviews that this feature replaces, you are able to “endorse” a babysitter or a family and promote their awesomeness. The endorsement, once approved by the recipient, can be published on their profile page; adding depth, interest and credibility.

The endorsement appears with the first name and suburb of the endorser but provides no link to the endorser or any way to contact them.

It is a great way to reward wonderful babysitters and families - and there are HEAPS of them. It should also make selecting babysitters (or parents) a little easier, providing extra insight and confidence.


To send an endorsement, or request one, the process is much simpler than it was for the reviews:

  • Make sure the other member is listed in your “Confirmed Jobs” or "Confirmed Babysitters" (this is a new feature).
  • Send / Request an endorsement.

Simple! And you can send and receive endorsements for or from any job that was initiated through the messaging system, even if it was months ago (providing the other party is still an active member).


Calling these "endorsements" also clears up a bit of ambiguity. With "reviews", there is often an expectation that it is matched to a “rating”, that it is unmoderated, and that it allows negative reviews to be published - and none of these things are true about our endorsements .

We believe that endorsements add a lot of value to this particular site. They certainly work well for sites like LinkedIn® providing some genuine insight to a person’s strengths and adding considerable credibility to their profile, without the downsides of a rating system.

As a side note, we have chosen endorsements in preference to a ratings system for this site as we don’t think ratings are a great fit (click here for more on our thoughts on ratings in our FAQs).

Confirmed Babysitters / Jobs

We've added this new feature to create a robust logical structure for the Endorsements. The Confirmed Babysitters / Jobs page displays every job or babysitter that you've personally confirmed, and creates the starting point for any endorsement i.e. you can only endorse people that you’ve either worked for, or had looking after your kids.

The confirmed Babysitters / Jobs are chosen from the conversations in your “My Messages” section. Note that there is no implicit connection between the owner’s account and the sitter’s i.e. confirming a job on one account does not change anything on the parent’s account.

Existing reviews

For anyone that already has "Reviews" on their profile, nothing really changes, except that the process is a lot easier going forward. All of the reviews that were already in your account will be transferred across, they will just be called "endorsements".

Give it a go

If you’ve had a great babysitter, or worked with an awesome family, send an Endorsement and share the love.

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