Babysitters Now has raised the bar for Babysitting sites. This is where you'll get the latest news.

Journey with us as we help Parents across Australia meet up with Babysitters, Mother's Help, Au Pairs and Nannies in a site that sets a new benchmark for quality, safety and effectiveness (and fun).

Making Babysitting better - The launch of BABYSITTERS NOW

Welcome to BABYSITTERS NOW, the new place for parents to find Babysitters, Mother's help, Au Pairs and Nannies, and vice versa.

All Parent memberships are FREE and membership costs for Babysitters, Au Pairs and Nannies are really affordable.

We utilise a potent combination of both the latest technology and old fashioned human wisdom to create a site that is safe, powerful, easy and highly effective.

Our site allows Parents to use both intelligence and intuition to find Carers that are perfectly suited to their family needs (and vice versa).


The site is modern and attractive, and boasts powerful search capabilities and a range of great tools, including favourites, alerts, messaging and reviews. It has security features built in from the ground up, from the obvious server side protection, through to operational protocols and design features like the use of Avatars instead of member photos. The site architecture results in incredible speed and reliability. The user experience is intuitive, easy and enjoyable.


We recognise that EVERY decision regarding child care involves BOTH the head and the heart. We include space to "read between the lines", allowing intuition to play more of a role in the decision making process.

The profiles and Job Ads allow our members to be very descriptive, and include things like "insights" and star signs to provide far more perspective on the member's character and "style".


BABYSITTERS NOW comes from the family business behind Australia's most popular (and loved) House Sitting site, Aussie House Sitters. With more than a decade of experience, a great technical team and a reputation for fast and friendly support, we believe it's time to raise the bar for babysitting sites.

And with young children of our own, we feel even better qualified to create a user experience that is fantastically practical, emotionally engaging and deeply rewarding.


We believe that organising Babysitting SHOULD be this easy, safe and effective. And fun. We have taken all the best technology and combined it with thoughtful user experience design - and thrown in a whole lot of Koalas. The result is a site that is safe, powerful and really easy to use.

Join with us as we build the site, it's absolutely free for Parents, and pricing is really affordable for all Babysitters, Mother's Help, Au Pairs and Nannies.


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