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BabySitter in Adelaide SA

Suzanne (Suzie)

Female, 45, BabySitter
M T W T F S S Day Time
M T W T F S S After School
M T W T F S S Evening


Adelaide SA
$20 to $50 per hour
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6 days ago



Available at short notice. Can engage children with creative activities, able to settle a child if sleep disturbance, pets ok!

So who is the favourite character this week, Peppa Pig or Thomas the Tank engine? And is broccoli still not popular, or peas? It's always something green...

To make your child comfortable with a new person, I like them to ask these kinds of questions! Having worked as a Pastoral (Support) Care worker with older children; I feel that my attention to a child's needs, concerns, and routine will help settle them in comfortably whether I am babysitting for a few hours so that you can get the weekly shop done, even grab that time out with friends for a coffee; or if I can care and assist your family on a regular basis.

ABOUT ME I am 45 years old single and live in the city.
I have my WWC Certificate. My interests include improv, writing poetry and painting whatever ends up on the canvas! I have been acting in film and theatre, training in Australia and London. Working for a children's entertainer, I contact child care centres, kindy's and making bookings. (Magician Scott Stuntz has known me for 5 years). I have 7 nephews, all under the age of 10. One is considerably accident prone. I love to set tasks as games that children can get motivated about doing, such as before bed "Can you really do brushing your teeth and brushing your hair and don't get them mixed up?" "Wow, can you show me how you can do this?"

YOUR CHILD I am able to attend to a babysitting routine or one-off positions. I can assist in engaging a child's attention for homework, following a family's meal routine, sleep patterns; and please outline any spiritual needs for the family. Special pets, essential toys, names for fruit (once looked after a 2YB who kept calling for 'Mandy' - he was wanting mandarines). I understand every child is different in personality, traits, and special needs that require personal attention. I am patient and encourage the child to focus on 1 thing at a time if that works for them. If there are medical needs please inform me of your set plans to assist the child. I always assess a situation if I see something not quite right, will follow the set protocol and identifying the risks in doing so; including using an Epipen for adrenaline.

EXPERIENCE Babysitting for 2 families whilst all 4 parents were in the Army based in Edinburgh, so I would look after 2B, 2G children whilst all 4 parents could have a social night once or twice a month.
I have worked for a single family, 2G over an extended period as their parents worked in the entertainment industry & would have 3-4 late nights during the week, I often slept on the couch! A few years later they now live overseas.

CARING IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES Once at a red light and noticed a young person wandering around for help, was blue in the face, and close to collapsing. Initially, I thought it was a drug overdose and I was very wrong. They could barely say "can't breathe" (I am realistic and firstly protect myself) I got them into the car and took them to the hospital pronto, with their head between their knees, they were a dead weight when I got to the emergency dept. I grabbed a doctor in a coat who went into immediate action needing 'the chargers" twice to revive them. I didn't even know their name. About 10 minutes later the doctor told me that if I had arrived 2 minutes later she would be dead on arrival; having suffered an extremely rare and severe asthma attack.




Casual, Regular, School Holidays, Overnight

15km from Adelaide SA 5000


Ages 1-18

Light meals, Full meals, Toilet training, Change nappies, Tidying, Cleaning, Help with homework



WWC Check

Contactable Referees



$20 to $50 per hour

Note: Fees are negotiated according to various factors including weekday/weekend, daytime/evening, number of children, age range of children, one-off/regular booking, last minute



Degree, BA of Arts (Dance)







I also believe that 'Banana's have hurt feelings' when your child does. I'm open, attentive and give good hugs, especially to mums! If you need a hand to get the dishes done, folding laundry whilst you are out, let's set that up too.

I love playing characters with different voices because everything becomes fun. Then games that we make up together, reading the storybooks whilst looking after the children. I can keep kids entertained, or can get them to do their homework with a reward (parent specified what is appropriate) Kids enjoy my company as I enjoy theirs.

Whilst I am watching the little ones (and the youngest yet was 2 weeks old o/night) I come to their level and have a break from 'being grown up'. To see their creativity and imagination is a gift, that we can lose too early in life, kids reinvent the wheel for a while!


MY Favourite Kid's...

Horrible Histories


The Giant Caterpillar

"Can you?"

not a fan, sorry!


I am...

currently giving myself a night of Netflix

Baked beans on toast, it's 'easy night' tonight

The Room - fantastic BTW!

Spotify - Ben Howard

Jessica, Bryce Courtney