Some Features

We are the only Australian Babysitting site where parents register for FREE, and Babysitters get lifetime membership for just $25.

And there are many other features that set us apart from other Babysitting sites. Some of these are obvious, others become apparent over time.


This site resets the benchmark for quality, making it SO much easier to organise fantastic Babysitting.

BABYSITTERS NOW uses a powerful blend of smart, solid engineering and empathic, pragmatic humanity to create a user experience that is safe, easy and effective.

For all child minders and helpers, and for all the parents that are desperately looking for help with their kids, this site should make life a whole lot better.

And there are never any Ads (apart from the Ads for Babysitting jobs and, occasionally, us promoting ourselves).

Some of the outstanding features and benefits are listed below.




OK, this is obvious, but it's worth highlighting.

  • PARENTS: LIFE MEMBERSHIP is FREE. That's right, for as long as you need help with your kids. Compared with other sites and services, this could save you hundreds of dollars every year.
  • BABYSITTERS: Pay just $25 for LIFETIME membership. The great value offered to parents should also ensure that the number of jobs will always be high.
Babysitter now - Great technology making Baysitting better


The site is incredibly fast, powerful and easy to use. Everything from the site architecture and system design to the account management and messaging system employs the latest technology to create a fantastic, fluid user experience for both Parents and Babysitters.

  • USE ANY DEVICE: The site works beautifully on PCs, tablets and smart-phones.
  • SEARCHING: Advanced search filters allow you to quickly find exactly what you want.
  • MAPS: Advanced map search makes it even easier to find great matches.
  • ALERTS: You can set an automatic alert for every new Babysitter or Job posting in your area.
  • FAVOURITES: Create a list of favourite Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs, Mothers Help - or Job Ads - to help your decision making.
  • MESSAGING SYSTEM: Contact other members securely and organise all of your conversations easily. Access all of your conversations from any device, anywhere.
  • ENDORSEMENTS: Post endorsements and moderate any that you receive.
  • CONFIRM JOBS: You can confirm any Babysitting job that is completed (with confirmation from the other party). The number of confirmed jobs will help to build the quality of your profile.
  • RESPONSE RATINGS: A member's response rating is generated automatically, giving you an immediate sense of how active and reponsive they are.
Great Security - For Baysitters, Nanies, Au Pairs, Mothers Help, and all the parents that need help with their kids


BABYSITTERS NOW has security built in to it from the ground up, both in terms of the technology and the way the site is designed. It is critical to us that we provide a safe environment for all of our registered members.

  • TECHNOLOGY: We employ high levels of security to protect our members, including SSL account protection and benchmark server protection.
  • MONITORING: We actively monitor the site 24/7/52.
  • SECURE MESSAGING: Our messaging system means that you can contact and communicate with other members without providing  your personal contact information until you are ready.
  • AVATARS: Rather than use member's photos on the site, we chose to introduce our ridiculously cute Koala Avatars (or Koalavatars). This means that the site DOESN'T include thousands of pictures of young women or children - for obvious reasons.
  • ENDORSEMENTS: Our endorsement system gives you complete control of what is published, and there is no rating system, so there is no threat of random damage to your reputation.
  • SECURE PRIVATE INFORMATION: The site is designed not to show sensitive information like surnames, phone numbers or street addresses.
  • EXPERIENCE: There are some security features that can only be imagined and developed after years of online experience. After more than a decade, we've got that experience and we leverage it in many ways to keep the site secure for our members.
Babysitters Now - The perfect place to find Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Mothers Help.


BABYSITTERS NOW comes from the same family-run business behind Australia's most popular (and loved) house-sitting site, Aussie House Sitters.

We are a family with young children of our own, and have a fantastic, talented team behind us. We bring all of this and over a decade of online experience to this website.

  • SUPPORT: We are known for our integrity and our fast, friendly support.
  • EXPERIENCE: We have operated member-based directory websites for over ten years.
  • PERFORMANCE: Out technical team are incredible. Our sites have almost zero downtime, they are generally super fast and we get very low reporting of errors (which we fix immediately).
  • CHILDREN: We have young kids. We need babysitting too. We GET it!


We understand that choosing a Babysitter for your children is FAR more than just a functional challenge. It is ALWAYS a combination of information and intuition - and we include features that allow BOTH to play a role in the decision making.

  • INFORMATION: The Babysitter profiles and Job Ads allow for a lot of information to be communicated. Parents want to know a lot about the person they are choosing to care for their kids, so we allow the Babysitters to provide that, and vice versa.
  • INSIGHT: Babysitter profiles and Job Ads also allow for some character and personality to shine through. Things like star-signs and favourite kid's TV characters provide far more perspective on a person than a list of qualifications.
  • INTUITION: We believe that what is between the lines can be as important as the data itself, so we have created profiles and job ads that allow people room to express something more than just the basics.


You will find that we value honesty and openness, and make it a feature of the site.

  • ACCESSIBLE: All Babysitter Profiles and Job Ads can be viewed by anyone, making it much easier to know what's available before making the decision to join.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS: There are no hidden costs and no surprises. Our pricing is such great value, we don't need to hide anything.
  • NO OLD LISTINGS: We do not keep expired Job Ads or Babysitter Profiles to prop up our numbers as other some sites do.


While the site is powerful, safe and practical, it's also very human. Which is exactly what you need when searching for the PERFECT Babysitter, Nanny, Au Pair or Mother's Help.

  • The site design is open, modern and attractive.
  • While the Avatars are a security feature, they also provide an opportunity for our members to have a bit of fun.
  • The Insights section of the profiles allow for some more personality to shine through.
  • The Profiles and Job Ads present each of our members in an attractive, modern package.


As we contribute to the well-being of families around the country by offering an affordable and effective service, it is also a priority for us to contribute in other ways.

We provide generous support, every month, to two very special charities who both support and protect children who desperately need the help.

Unicef and Camp Quality are doing extraordinary things for children in need, every hour of every day, and it is a privilege to be able to partner with them.





There are SO many reasons to get on board.

Child carers will enjoy extra exposure (on the site and in internet searches) and benefit from fantastic online tools and smart application design.

Parents get FREE LIFE MEMBERSHIP, and an easy, safe way to find amazing Babysitters right across Australia.

Babysitters and Nannies get LIFE MEMBERSHIP for only $25.

Babysitting SHOULD be this easy, safe and fun.