How it works

We connect Parents with local Babysitters, Nannies & Au Pairs. It's secure, easy, transparent & fast.
Oh... and it's free.


JOIN FOR FREE: Create a great looking profile for local parents to find you.

Many parents don't put up a job Ad but make contact directly, so make sure you can be found. There's work for everyone; from 15 year old students to professionals & grandparents.


Find wonderful 5 star rated, ID verified local Babysitters, Nannies & Au Pairs.

JOIN FOR FREE: Create a job ad & let the local Babysitters come to you - or you can make contact directly. We have many layers of security & it's really easy to use the site, even on the mobile.


Our data indicates that over a million babysitting sessions started here.

Our security is solid, our site is transparent, easy to use & we actively encourage mutual respect in the community. All of this builds trust & helps to create strong connections.

A babysitting site with a difference. There are no membership fees, no commissions on payments and we offer award-winning customer support.

They could be just around the corner... We enable local Parents, Babysitters & Nannies to find each other safely & quickly.

Your service is terrific and I will continue to recommend it to those who ask. KARIN, PETE & RUBY (Parent)
Your site is a blessing. My daughter is 16 and there's not many babysitting sites out there that accept minors. She had her first parent contact her today. SKY (Babysitter)


Smart phones have changed everything. So we have responded by creating a smart babysitting site.

Free access creates a thriving community. Low cost upgrades allow members to boost their profile when necessary. Security and trust features build confidence. Smart.


The latest technology allows you to use the site just like an App on your phone, tablet or computer.

Upload the site to your phone screen and get the benefits of an App without having to go to any online store. Enjoy fast access, smooth performance and automatic updates.


This site is about kids being cared for, parents being empowered and carers getting local work.

The way it works is open & transparent, putting all the power in your hands. It is free to join & to use. If you need to step it up a little, we offer low cost upgrades. It's all in your hands.

Connecting Aussie mums & dads with trusted local babysitters & nannies. That's how it works.