Sitter Testimonials

Junior Member Guardian - I have been so impressed with your system over the last couple of years. My daughter has picked up work and being able to see the messages has provided a level of comfort for me. Trish
I'm blessed to have found you guys. I've gotten 3 different babysitting jobs through your website already. Thank you very much! Bella F
I'm a member of 5 babysitting websites. I have found Babysitters Now to be the most active of all. I also feel that it is most comprehensive when it comes to adding profile information. I love the layout and styling too. Michael
As a babysitter on your site I want to say thank you. It's great for part-time work as you can be seen by many parents in a short period of time, when babysitting used to only be through word-of-mouth. Seeing kids grow and achieve their goals is really rewarding for me, it may only seem like job at first, but the relationships you develop with families and their children will stay with you for life. Julia
Your site is a blessing. My daughter is 16 and there's not many babysitting sites out there that accept minors. She had her first parent contact her today. Sky
Great site and I have already 1 confirmed babysitting job later this week. Catherine
I hope you do well with it. I've been on a few but you've the best babysitting site out there. Rachel
This website has provided me with several months work and I definitely recommend it to everyone who asks :). Baby sitters now really is a great website! Thank you, Kymberley
Thank you for creating such a great and user-friendly site! I was looking for casual babysitting work to do around my university schedule and know finding this kind of work through websites can be quite competitive. However, I have had parents contact me after seeing my profile and have also applied to jobs posted by parents. I now have 3 families that I work with regularly from babysittersnow and have not had any issues at all. I have recommended the site to friends (mums and babysitters) and will happily continue to use it for future work. Thanks again! Jess
Thank you so much! How amazing. I signed up today and got a message from a parent tonight. My first babysitting job starts this Friday. So easy. Thank you. Emma
I found your site easy to use and have recommended it to my fellow students. I'm booked in do my first baby sit this Saturday night with a lovely family :) K.B.
I love the look and feel of your site. I recently signed on as a babysitter, received an alert email informing me of a local job from a Mum in need, applied, and now have a regular babysitting job. So easy - thank you ! Jodie
What a great site! It was quick and easy to set up my profile and to search for available jobs in my area. Allison
In just a month I have lined up several permanent and one-off jobs through this site. It's well put together and straightforward to use. I'm very grateful. Niki
I love the way this site is set up! Although it's only just been released it's extremely better than the other nanny/baby sitting sites I've come across. It's such a simple to use layout and very inviting. Thank you. Sheridan
As babysitters we are here to support your family in a time of need. Thats why this website is so great. The simplicity of making a quick enquiry can be done in a matter of minutes. Thx. Maddison
Babysitters now is perfect for parents. It's quick, easy and always helpful for last minute babysitters. I know that when I become a parent in the future I will be using babysitting now. I can trust the babysitters and know that my kids will love them just as much as I do. Tash
Wow, What an extremely easy, user friendly service, just joined. Hope to hear about jobs soon... Judith