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The site is powerful, friendly, safe and effective, with space for INTUITION as well as INTELLIGENCE. You'll find fantastic Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Mothers Help right across Australia.



BabySitters Now provides fantastic features and a wonderful user experience. And parents get FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP.

And the value on offer is far more than financial. There are some fundamental differences that make finding a great Babysitter MUCH easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

This site recognises that the experience of finding a Babysitter involves BOTH intelligence and intuition. It recognises that your personal preferences are critical and that you WANT to know a lot about the Babysitters that you are considering.

In other words, you should find that BABYSITTERS NOW has lowered the cost AND raised the bar for Parents seeking Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Mothers Help - in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and right across the country.




Babysitters Now: Better for Parents

The process for parents is really easy. After registering you can start contacting Babysitters and organising yourself using your account tools.

You can also choose to post a Babysitter Job Ad, which allows THEM to find you, making the whole process much faster.

Contact is made through our Messaging system, allowing you to communicate securely without giving away personal contact information until you're ready.





You can get all the information in the world - and still not find the right person. When you're looking for a fantastic Babysitter, Mother's Help, Au Pair or Nanny, you also need to use your intuition.

Information is essential for good decision making when it comes to sourcing a Babysitter. This includes obvious things like qualifications, age, gender, location, checks and references.

Intuition is also essential; a deeper knowledge that helps you identify intangible things like "chemistry", character and values.

BABYSITTERS NOW takes the intuitive element seriously, providing many opportunities to "read between the lines". We include things like star-signs and an "Insights" section in the Babysitter's profile that provides space for personality and character to shine through. Even the choice of Avatar gives little hints...

All of this means that deciding on the perfect Babysitter or Nanny is made even easier and more effective, in subtle but powerful ways that are harder to quantify.

So what are you waiting for? PARENTS REGISTER NOW




BABYSITTERS NOW does all the smart things you'd expect, and a whole lot of unexpected "human" things that you might not.

HEAD: The site is powerful and easy to use on a wide range of devices. It has strong security and a vast array of tools, including a fantastic messaging system, sophisticated search capabilities, "Favourites" and "Alerts".

HEART: The site is friendly, attractive and has a lot of Koalas. We understand the role of intuition and the very human aspects of organising child care. We are a family run business with young children of our own and we give generously to Children's charities. 

  • SECURITY: This site has been built with security in mind, from the ground up. Most of the security features are not even visible, including constant monitoring, moderation and server side security. With more than a decade of experience, we have many protocols in place to help keep our members safe.
  • MESSAGING: All first contact between Parents and babysitters is made through our messaging system. Entire conversations can be managed easily through your account and it provides fantastic extra security - you don't need to provide contact details until you're ready.
  • TOOLS: A powerful and fast search (including map search), favourites, alerts and reviews all help it much easier to find the perfect Babysitter or Nanny and to post highly effective Ads for Babysitter jobs and Nanny jobs.
  • REVIEWS: Babysitters can publish reviews from parents, giving you more confidence and insight. Babysitters can also review Parents, adding more depth and credibility to the Job Ads. Note that all reviews are moderated by the recipient, so you can choose which ones you want to publish. We do it this way so that you get the benefit of good reviews, without the risk of someone damaging your reputation unfairly.
  • INSIGHT: Because matching Parents with Babysitters requires intuition as much as it does common sense, we have included "Insights" in members profiles. This gives you more perspective, and vice versa.
  • KOALAS: Oh yeah... we've got Koalas. The Avatars are both a security measure AND a lot of fun. They are designed to replace photos, so that we don't have a site full of pictures of young women and children, for obvious reasons. But they are also very cute.




Ultimately, this is ALL about helping you find fantastic Babysitters and Nannies to help with your children. Easily, safely and quickly.

BABYSITTERS NOW offers incredible value to Parents. Every aspect of the site, from the functional to the emotional is designed to make your life better.

Now is the time to get involved - FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for every parent.