Junior Carers

Yes, there are babysitting jobs for teenagers. If you’re 15 to 17 years old, you can sign up as a Junior Carer - and it's totally free to join!

Get some great extra income AND provide much-needed help for local families - it’s all good. You’ll need to get approval from your parent / guardian, so discuss it with them and get started on Australia's only free babysitting jobs website for teenagers.

Babysitting jobs for teenagers at Babysitters Now


Older teenagers already deliver a large proportion of the babysitting that happens around the country. It’s a time-honoured practice that provides great work (and income, and life experience) for young people - and convenient local child care for parents.

These young people now have a great place to advertise their services to local families - right here. We've created a secure, safe, and practical "Junior Carer" account for 15 to 17 year olds, with monitoring and involvement from their parent or guardian.

Registration is simple, starting with the Junior Carer and moving on (via email) to the guardian for their online approval - and it's all free.


For Junior Carer memberships, the active involvement of the guardian is essential from the very beginning. All parents (guardians) want their kids to learn independence and responsibility, and they want that to happen in a safe space, with the ability to offer guidance along the way.

We have created a safe, secure model for Junior Carer members, with the role of the guardian being central:

  • APPROVAL: Guardian approval is required to set up the account.
  • PAYMENT: The Guardian will be responsible for payment.
  • ACCOUNT ACCESS: Guardians will have their own login to the account, with read-only access (they will be able to view everything but they can only edit their own section of the account).
  • TRAVEL DISTANCE: Guardians will set the maximum distance for travel to a babysitting job.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Guardians will receive email notifications for all new communications to the account.


It’s all very simple and fast:

  • JUNIOR CARER REGISTRATION: Enter details for both the carer and their parent / guardian.
  • APPROVAL: The guardian receives an email requesting approval, with a link to a simple online form.
  • ONLINE FORM: The guardian approves the registration (or not), registers as a guardian by ticking a box, creates a password, and sets a maximum travel distance for babysitting jobs.
  • PAYMENT: The guardian will be responsible for any optional upgrade costs. 
  • ACCOUNT PROFILE: While the account approval is going on, the Junior Carer has the option of setting up their online profile and account settings, so that they are ready to go when approval is complete.


While their account needs extra security, the Junior Carer also needs to be able compete for local Babysitting jobs. So Junior Carer accounts essentially work the same as adult accounts, with a few (invisible) differences:

  • CONTACT: Even though their listing and profile page will be visible to everyone, the only people who can make contact are those who are registered parents, within the maximum distance set for the Junior Carer.
  • NO SMS: Junior Carer accounts will not have SMS capabilities.

Within these secure boundaries, the Junior Carer is still very able to create a fantastic profile that will promote their services to the local community.


Security is a central feature of Babysitters Now, for ALL of our members. The extra security measures for Junior Carers build on architecture and protocols that ALREADY deliver a high level of security.

Our messaging system is a significant part of our security framework. All first contacts, for every member, are made through the messaging system, which can only be used by other registered members. We recommend that all contact is kept within the messaging system, with the option of using other channels only when necessary for reasons of practicality.

Another subtle but important security feature of this site is the Koalas. The Koala avatars in the search listings and the profile pages help to create a safe space for parents and local babysitters.

There are also many other security features, both technical and human that are invisible, but which are built in to the way this site is run.

Local babysitting jobs for teenagers at Babysitters Now


It's an awesome opportunity to be able to get listed as a local babysitter.

When lining up this work, there are some things to keep top of mind:

  • Check with your guardian before accepting a job.
  • Meet the family beforehand. This will usually involve a visit to the home where the babysitting will be done, along with your parent or guardian if possible. While this may seem like overkill, keep in mind that families usually get a babysitter back many times if they are happy with their services - so it's worth the extra time setting it up right.
  • When leaving home to go to the job, let your parent or guardian know where you are going and the start and end time of the job. If possible, have them take you to the job and pick you up.
  • Provide your parent or guardian with the contact details for the family that you will be working for.
  • Make sure you can reach your parent or guardian by phone.
  • Always talk to your parent or guardian if you have ANY questions or challenges.


Engaging a Junior Carer provides them with invaluable work experience and some extra income, and provides you with a wonderful local resource whenever you need it - all of which is very good.

Here are some tips on interacting with Junior Carers to make them feel safe when working for you:

  • Let them know that you are available for a phone call or meeting with their parent or guardian.
  • Meet with them, and potentially their parent or guardian, before their first babysitting session and introduce them to your children.
  • Agree the start and end time of the job.
  • Help them to feel comfortable in your home and give them a tour of your house.
  • Provide them with an emergency contact list for yourself, and obtain emergency contact details for them, including for their parent or guardian.


Babysitting work provides much more than just money for young people (although that’s pretty great) - it is often the very first paid work in their life, and provides significant life experience in a safe, friendly context.

It’s also fantastic for parents looking for babysitters, having wonderful local young people available for when they need the help. It happens every day right around Australia, and it happens right here.